• How to Grow Rhubarb in Hydroponic Farms

    Rhubarb by Rubber Slippers In ItalyRhubarbs are among the most challenging plants to grow on hydroponics farm basically because they are cold climate perennials. Once successful though, you can expect good results due to the fact that alternative farming benefits outweigh their downsides. Basically, all you need to avoid is the temperature spike that is more than capable of killing the plants.

    Hydroponic farming is focused on growing plants on a water environment without soil as the medium. Although quite challenging, you can expect a lot of benefits from this type of farming method which utilizes various systems. Any system is ok as long as you follow the fundamentals of hydroponic farming. Here’s how you can grow rhubarb using your alternative farming method.


    First and foremost, you need to grow your rhubarb from their seeds. You can use a mixture of perlite and vermiculite for your seeds on your seedling box. In case you have something else in mind, you can use any growing medium of your preference. A few days later, you can see your seedlings springing out of your seedling box. Wait for a few days before you transplant them on your hydroponic system. While waiting, it would be better if you prepare your farm for easy transition afterwards.



    Transfer your seedlings once they grow a few inches taller on your seedling box. Carefully transplant them on your preferred hydroponic system. The ebb and flow hydroponic system is a good choice for most farmers especially those who are quite new to the alternative farming method.

    Care and Maintenance

    Usually, you don’t see weeds on a hydroponic farm. However, you can find some occasionally especially if the farming system is not properly maintained. Get rid of the weeds as soon as you find them on your farm. Pests may also visit your farm from time to time so be prepared with your organic pesticides standing by. In addition, check the roots of your plants on a consistent basis to know if there are diseases that are present. Growing rhubarbs on hydroponic farm is quite easy when it comes to care and maintenance as you can expect fewer troubles along the way compared to the conventional methods of farming.

    Nutrient Solution

    Pour the nutrient solution everytime the plant needs to be supplemented. Inspect the label to know how much you need to pour on your hydroponic farm. You can also use animal manure on your hydroponic farm by making compost tea. Be sure to install a filter so that your pump won’t be damaged in the process. Rhubarbs respond very well with fertilizer especially with a high nitrogen fertilizer. In case you have a fertilizer solution of your own, you can use this on your farm instead of purchasing nutrient solution from the market.



    Once the rhubarb reaches maturity, you can begin harvesting the plant using a knife. You can also pull the whole stalks from the container with your bare hands. Be careful when you are doing this to avoid causing some damages on your hydroponic farm.

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