• How To Start An Organic Farm

    What is Organic Farming?

    Organic Farming by yokkuAlso known as green farming, organic farming is an alternative to the conventional form of agriculture where chemical products are commonly used on farms to fertilize, maintain, and take care of the plants. The system heavily relies on techniques such as green manure, crop rotation, biological and all natural pest control, and others that are focused on the use of non-chemical products.

    Basically, organic farming is the first form of agriculture. However, with the passing of years and with the new discoveries of mankind, organic farming has taken a huge leap. Farmers began to use manufactured (synthetic) products such as fertilizers, pesticides, livestock antibiotics, and other stuff used on farms.

    In the 19th century though, people began to go back to the old farming method due to health concerns. Being exposed to the chemical residues of the manufactured pesticides, fertilizers, and other stuff used on farms can be dangerous to the human body. Most of the farmers who shifted to organic farming were conscious about their health especially those who are heavily relying on synthetic products. Nowadays, more and more farmers are transitioning from the conventional method of farming to the more natural way of growing plants and raising livestocks on farms.


    Organic farming uses various methods that are strictly focused on prohibiting the use of synthetic products on raising plants and animals on farms. No matter which method you focus on with organic farming, you will definitely notice that they have one objective which is to avoid the use of manufactured farm products.

    Crop Diversity

    Conventional farming focuses on monoculture or the mass production of one crop in a single location. With organic farming, farmers are taught to plant multiple crops in the same area. Polyculture or the planting of various crops on a single location is actually beneficial to the farmer and his farm. Actually, growing multiple crops will give you beneficial insects, microorganisms on the soil, and other factors that help in enhancing the health of your farm.



    Organic fertilizers such as composts and green manures are commonly used on farms that use such method. The all natural fertilizer is good at providing the essential nutrients needed by the plants to grow properly and healthy. However, you need to prepare the fertilizer and let it decompose first before you can use it on your farm. Most farmers use essential microorganisms to help hasten the decomposition process.


    Pest and Weed Management

    Just like with other farming systems, you need to check your farm regularly for parasites that are constantly competing with the nutrients you provide for your plants. Use all natural pesticides on your farm to get rid of the pests and weeds without causing damages to the environment and to yourself.

    pest maagement

    Crop Rotation

    Organic farming also address the need of changing what you plant and grow on the farm. This is to make sure that the plants provide beneficial stuff and other factors that will help the overall health of your farm.

    Starting An Organic Farm

    organic farmEver wondered how farming was in the ancient times? In case you want to know, check out the alternative to conventional farming. Organic farming is a form of agriculture that heavily relies on all natural products that are usually from animal manure, crop rotation, green manure, and anything that is biodegradable. This type of farming is strictly focused on products that do not contain manufactured chemicals. Anything that is non-organic is utilized for the benefit of the plants grown on the field.

    Organic farming is not an easy task as you will be spending a lot of time and effort in creating your own formula of fertilizers and pesticides. Unlike with conventional farming, you do not rely on over-the-counter medicines to help you eliminate weeds and pests. Although there are organic fertilizers sold on the market, purchasing tons of these will be expensive for you as a farmer. This is why you need to do some research on which formula will help you succeed in your farming.

    Starting an organic farm is both challenging and fun. Just like with any business though, you need to have a blueprint in order for you to be on track for the whole length of your business career. Here’s a simple yet effective guide on how to start organic farming in your place.

    • Plan – as mentioned above, you need to have a blueprint in order for you to have a guide on what needs to be done in a certain time frame. Aside from the fact that this will help you know what to do, it also allows you to put every action according to your preference.
    • Location – now that you have a plan, the next thing you need to do is look for the perfect place where you wish to setup your organic farm. This depends on what system of farming you wish to utilize.
    • Preparation – the next step is important as it will be the basis whether you’ll be success or not in the long run. The preparation of your organic farm as well as the stuff you need is essential if you want to have a successful farming. Purchase everything you need as a farmer from the seeds to the ingredients of your green products. The preparation process depends on what you prefer as a farmer.
    • Educate Yourself – in order to become successful with almost anything, you need to educate yourself with its dos and don’ts. There are many things you need to know
    • Compost – perhaps one of the most important things to have when going green with your farming is your compost. It is essential as it provides the needed nutrients in order for your plants to grow properly.
    • Start Farming – the other methods used are similar to the conventional way of farming. When everything is all set, you can start the preparation of the soil and other usual farming practices. Don’t forget that the only products you have to use are those that do not contain chemicals.

    go organic

    It is highly advised though by the professional farmers though that you weigh the organic farming pros and cons before you jump into the bandwagon. This will help you know something about this form of agriculture. Farming vegetables, fruits, and grains is quite easy as long as you know what you are doing. With organic farming, you can enjoy growing plants and vegetables without worrying about the products that can cause serious problems to your body.

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